Déc 16, 2022

Intégrateur Web

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Intégrateur Web

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Your Mission

Competent integration engineers need to effectively plan the integration between different types of hardware, software, organizational procedures and databases systems. Integration engineers will also create thorough documentation for the process they implement to ensure that others can correctly interpret it. Their job also often involves a considerable and detailed amount of communication with organization clients. An integration engineer’s duties include:

  • Integrating new hardware and complex systems
  • Determining that the outcome of the integration has met the organization’s needs
  • Educating the organization and clients about the system and hardware integration procedure, its implementation and its use.
  • Using ICT tools to integrate and implement hardware and software solutions across an organization or its different components
  • Handling a broad range of software and other programming tasks to ensure that their systems integrations are functional.
  • Implementing ICT system best practices in their organization for the sake of legal and ethical policies for integration
  • Defining integration strategies and methods and then planning them in accordance with established deadlines and time schedules
  • Creating and providing technical documentation that explains upcoming or existing integrations to non-technical individuals

Your Profile

The skillset required for an effective and capable integration engineer can be quite complex and diverse. Much of an integration engineer’s skillset involves complex programming knowledge. Broad and important skills that an integration engineer should have include:

  • Complex and versatile programming knowledge for different languages and hardware uses
  • A strong knowledge of how to interpret organizational, software and hardware implementation blueprints and technical documents
  • Excellent communications skills for explaining complex implementation processes  to non-experts and also to clients and organization members
  • A firm knowledge of the industry their occupation is being applied in and its overall needs
  • High level written communication skills for the sake of producing the technical documentation for their integration work
  • A strong understanding of ICT system deployment and usage policies
  • A capacity for working with minimal supervision in complex projects with considerable responsibility