The four significant axes of our & Sustainability

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy reflects our commitment towards a sustainable development approach.

Human & Social Focus

UFO² actively ensures that the countries’ laws in which we operate are respected.

  • Promotion of equal opportunities and guarantee the prevention of discrimination.
  • Equal remuneration
  • Promotion of a human-centered approach 
  • Our conviction about organization is that well-being at work is an essential element for success and performance enhancement.
Civic Focus

UFO² is committed to supporting and promoting the cultural diversity of its employees.

  • Equal treatment between men and women.
  • Equal pay between men and women
  • Promotion of young graduated employment
Environmental Focus

UFO² and its employees are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

  • Reduction of our energy consumption: our offices are based in a co-working space with a solid environmental orientation (such as presence activated lighting system).
  • Implementation of a « paperless » policy (reduction of printing and waste)
  • Supporting eco-responsible and digital initiatives within our daily behaviors (local office supplies provider) and our client’s missions.
  • Encouraging our employees to favor public transport or to opt for a hybrid or electric vehicles.
  • Optimization of transport by promoting audio and video-conferencing, virtual meetings.
Economic Focus

UFO² is an independent firm committed to carrying out projects without any external influence.

  • Fair sharing of added value created
  • Investment of dividends in the development of the company
  • Offer pro bono time of its consultants in order to helps association or companies which aim is Environmental and sustainability Responsibility for positive externalities