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Defining long-term vision and business strategy, prototyping and design, develop and deploy, secure and integrate new digital ecosystems, examining and improving, collecting and analyzing data.

Together, we define an overall vision, objectives and an engagement plan of the targeted personae.

We support you in defining a suitable digital strategy for your organization’s culture, needs, and objectives to reach your target audience effectively.

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UFO²'s comprehensive and complete support approach provides a full end-to-end digital transformation:


Conceiving together a prototype that best meets the engagement plan and then design it. Once the marketing plan has been jointly developed, we build up the prototype to create the most functional design and meet the previously established objectives.


Build a website or application which will meet the targeted goals: we add value to your data by methodically collecting and analyzing them. We can then transform this material into concrete and innovative actions to strengthen the processes towards reaching the overall objectives.


We are ensuring conformity, consistency and security before the final integration into the target system. Our experts will establish a tailored architecture, considering the critical aspects of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.


Iterate analysis and handling continuous enhancement through the value chain. A long-term and repeated gathering of your customer’s data is one of the tactical tools used to improve your digital strategy to enhance the performance of your products and services throughout their entire life-cycle. Through our innovative data collection and valorization methods, we support you always to strive to understand your customer-employee and competitors further.


Evaluating data from your digital eco-system to lead your digital strategy and assess its effectiveness. Marketing performance brings clarity and transparency by assessing your operational efficiency and competitiveness and thus identifying relevant quality and performance leverages with precision.



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