Coaching and continuous training

Lifelong Learning

A successful transformation relies on the ability to convey quality technological, managerial and operational knowledge to the users.



From Agility at scale to new leadership patterns, our teams’ coaching approach is hands-on, pragmatic and adapted to your objectives.

Coaching modules on the new Leadership methods, Agility, Strategy, Digital re-organisation, change management, adoption of new technological tools, are amongst the many areas in which we support you.

UFO² is here to help you define and realize your digital, managerial and operational transformation successfully though learning courses and continuous training programmes. It will give you the technical skills required to successfully implement your digital strategy and help your company transition towards an Agile culture.

This pictures illustrates UFO's coaching program
life long training


The goal of our training programmes is to bring out the talent of each collaborator. An effective change management starts with a targeted digital skills training.

Based on a robust training experience, UFO² facilitates learning using proven pedagogical approaches inspired by gamification, which unite the participants and show exceptional results.

The best way to reaching your digital transition objective is through its implementation by the teams themselves. Your operational collaborators are crucial to your transformation's long-term success. They are more likely to carry out innovative strategies, design thinking methods, and develop a customer experience adapted to your organizational structure.

Convey Knowledge

Transmission is a core component of UFO²’s DNA.

To heighten awareness, improve practices, and speed up the knowledge transmission process, we record our training courses and our collective or individual sessions.

The application of a strategy aiming to capitalize on the best practices and know-how must be conducted through a structured and monitored knowledge management approach.

Knowledge and best practice transmission are a prerequisite to any successful projects.

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