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Setting up a fully integrated collaborative digital workplace on a unique interface and remotely accessible has become essential for organizations.

The choice of a digital working environment for your collaborators is crucial in achieving your transformation: identifying the operational needs, processes adjustments, web hosting model, scaling, infrastructures... We have a strong experience in undertaking these kinds of projects. Throughout all the stages, we can support you in finding the best-suited solution to your activity, its integration by the team, and its implementation.

A Collectively engineered digital workplace, thought through by monitored and supported employees along the way benefits operational effectiveness. Indeed, it encourages a faster technology adoption and increases comfort at work.

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UFO² assists you from the framing stages all the way through the implementation of your dematerialized, collaborative and efficient digital workplace:

Audit & Analysis of your processes
Implementation from scratch of your digital workplace
Framing and identifying your organization’s specific needs
Defining needs in terms of architecture systems, infrastructures and security
Benchmarking solutions and decision-making support
Management of the implementation of the selected solution
Training of the transversal team in charge of the interface
Support, progressive maintenance and ensuring compliance.
Use the Modern Workplace's technological innovations to generate high-value for your business

User Productivity


Hardware Modules 

Software Applications

Infrastructure Management


Asset Management


Security &

Products Durability

User Experience


Maintenance optimization




Workplace Design

Analysis &

Improvement of working environments  

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